Gippal & Rikku 11" Volks of Japan Dolls


These are handcrafted, customized dolls of Gippal and Rikku from Final Fantasy X. They are 1/6 scale, Gippal is approx. 12" tall and Rikku is approx. 11" tall, with fully poseable bodies and removable clothing. They are wearing the outfits they wore in the FFX and FFX-2 games. Thief Rikku style or Original Rikku available. Your choice.

Other outfits available for additional cost. Please inquire for details.



FFX-2 Gippal & Rikku 11" Doll Set $390.00 (Your choice of Rikku style)


Gippal 11.5" Doll $199.95


Thief Rikku 11" Doll $189.95


Rikku 11" Doll $169.95