Eternal Sailor Uranus 11" BanDai America Doll

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon



Eternal Sailor Uranus 11" BanDai America Handmade Doll

Eternal Sailor Uranus: $135.00 in box (Box style may vary)

Navy Blue Version

Gold Version


This is a beautiful, very detailed and cute CUSTOM HANDMADE 11" tall fashion doll of Eternal Sailor Uranus from the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Anime, Manga and Artbooks! She is absolutely gorgeous, with big anime eyes!! Her blonde hair is set in her boyish and sporty style!

She wears her metallic lame' navy blue (or gold) and pale navy blue (or pale yellow) dual skirted uniform with navy blue (or yellow) trim, puffed pale navy blue (or pale yellow) organza sleeves, star brooch, gloves with metallic gauntlets and trim at wrists, stars on her tall white boots with navy blue (or gold) iridescent trim, navy blue (or yellow) slender ribbons!

This is a beautiful, fully poseable doll that is perfect for the Eternal Sailor Uranus fan!!!

***If you are interested in acquiring the other Sailor Moon characters, please inquire for details.***


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