Yami Yugi 24" Parabox/Obitsu Japan BJD Doll

This cool doll comes wearing his black pvc tight pants with black stretchy sleeveless shirt, pleather belts with faux crystal 'studs' all along them, a real 'chain' dangling on his left side, and a metal working buckle in the center with a 'card' pouch on the side! He has an indigo stretchy bandage on his left bicep and silver with studs quilted wristbands with chain bracelets, along with a choker of pleather with a buckle and black boots (may vary slightly) with indigo straps and faux 'crystal' studs! He also comes with a Millennium Puzzle (may vary) and has the a fuschia, black and yellow fur wig, set in Yugi's style!! Yami Yugi is made using the Obitsu 60cm/24" body & male chest, and Parabox Head, with handpainted iridescent eyes! He comes with a black metal base/stand and magnetic feet and shoes for ease in posing!

Price: $450.00


Tea Gardner 60cm doll sold separately.


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