Thief Bakura 24" Volks of Japan Dollfie Dream Doll

Thief Bakura is Ryou Bakura's "Ancient Egyptian" ancestor, from 1385 B.C.

This gorgeous doll comes wearing his crimson and beige robes that he stole from the Pharaoh's tomb. The crimson royal cloak is fully lined in lavender, with tiny rows of lavender trim all over. His inner robe has a working hood and is made of a beige muslin. Underneath these, he's wearing a lycra white slit "skirt" and ancient style underwear. A muslin 3 tiered sash is around his waist while a golden sash is around his torso, while his calves and ankles have tufted golden anklets and a large ankle bracelet around his left leg, while on his left wrist are 2 golden metal bracelet bands and 2 rings on his fingers. He's wearing his Millennium Ring (may vary slightly) around his neck and his hair is white and set in his spiky style!! Adonah/Thief Bakura is made using the Obitsu 2 Part Male 24" Japan BJD body, and DD Custom Hair Head, with handpainted iridescent eyes and scar across his cheek! He comes with stand.

Price: $460.00

*****Photos below are of Ryou Bakura DD Doll dressed up in the Theif's attire*****

*****Ryou and Bekah Dolls NOT included, but available sold separately.****


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