Sir Critias 24" Volks/ObitsuJapan Dollfie Dream Doll

This handsome doll comes wearing his Atlantean armor of dark blues and yellows! He's wearing a lycra navy blue long sleeved shirt, along with suede navy blue tight pants. Over this, he's wearing a tufted chest plate armor of navy blue, fully lined in medium blue, with silver pvc vinyl trim along the bottom and silver cord trim around the armor/stiffened shoulders. A grey chest/back plate covers his upper torso, with 2 gold buttons securing it to the chest. A dark blue and pale yellow-green cape of satin is preattached and around his waist is a fully lined white silky skirt cape. Atop the skirt panels is a silver, grey and dark blue belt ensemble with gold trim. He has dark blue gloves (with real individual fingers!!) and dark navy blue pleather/vinyl knee and calf armor with silver pvc vinyl trim all around. His boots are covered in navy blue lycra with silver trim around horizontally. On his head is a metallic navy blue and silver helmet with point at top and foam silver wings and panels at the sides and he wears a dark blue spiky fur hair/wig!!! He also comes with a handmade Legendary Sword! Critias is made using the Obitsu 60cm/24" body & male chest, and Volks DD Custom Hair Head, with handpainted iridescent eyes! He comes with a black metal base/stand and magnetic feet and shoes for ease in posing!

Price: $525.00


***Callisto doll NOT included but available for additional cost.***

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