Seto Kaiba 24" Volks/ObitsuJapan Dollfie Dream Doll

This gorgeous doll comes wearing his purple and gold buttoned fully lined and flaring trenchcoat with charcoal black inner turtleneck, pleather belt and buckle, black tight pants, silver armlets with silver straps and "studs," along with brown pointed toe boots! He also comes with a REAL working locket pendant (with the picture of Mokuba inside!) and has the finest soft cocoa brown hair, set in Seto's style!! Seto is made using the Obitsu 60cm/24" body & male chest, and Volks DD Custom Hair Head, with handpainted iridescent eyes! He comes with a black metal base/stand and magnetic feet and shoes for ease in posing!

Price: $475.00

So gorgeous together!

Beautiful dolls!

***Serenity Wheeler doll NOT included but available for additional cost.***

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