Sailor Saturn 24" Volks/Obitsu Japan Dollfie Dream Doll

This pretty doll comes wearing her Sailor Moon S pleated violet indigo and maroon bows fuku with 'crystal' starburst brooch, padded 'armor' chest bodice, scalloped sleeves and all details! She has her choker with starburst brooch, gloves with padded gauntlets, violet lace up boots, silver 'Saturn planet' teardrop earrings and even a tiny removable tiara with silver gem in center! She also comes with a custom made 26" tall 'glaive' accessory! Sailor Saturn is made using the Obitsu Japan 60cm/24" body, and Obitsu 60cm Head, with handpainted iridescent purple eyes! She comes with metal base/stand and has magnetic feet for ease in posing on the stand! (Boots do not include magnets and do not work on this stand)


Saturn 60cm Obitsu doll with Obitsu Head (Shown below) $385.00

Saturn 60cm Obitsu doll with Parabox Anime Head (Not shown) $405.00

Saturn 60cm Obitsu doll with Volks DD Anime Head (Not shown) $445.00


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