Obitsu Japan "Gretel" 60 cm "Glass Eyed" Dollfie BJD Doll

This really pretty doll can be customized however you'd like!! She will come wearing any "casual" type outfit you'd like! (*Your choice of outfit!) She also can have almost any style/color wig* and acrylic "glass" eyes in almost any color you'd like as well!! Her faceup is included and will include her original box. She comes with a black metal base/stand and magnetic feet and shoes for ease in posing! She uses the Obitsu 60cm "Eye hole" head and Obitsu 2 part 60cm body. She has pale beauty white skin.

Price: $395.00


*Basic/casual outfit, acrylic eyes, and wig included in price. If you want more elaborate type of clothing or wig or real glass eyes, the price will be higher.

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