Christian Rosenkreuz 24" Volks/ObitsuJapan Dollfie Dream Doll

This handsome doll comes wearing his Medieval knight armor of dark green and silver! He's wearing a lycra dark dark green long sleeved shirt, along with matching tight pants. Over this, he's wearing a tufted chest plate armor of silver, with many tiers at the shoulders and a handsculpted "Blue Eyes" chest plate going around his neck and chest! Everything is fully lined made of silver pvc vinyl and spandex. He has silver spandex gloves (with real individual fingers!!) and many tiered silver plastic, pvc/vinyl knee and calf armor! His boots are covered in silver pvc, again tiered to resemble a knight's boot. He has a brown 'x' belt with a silver metal ring in the center and 4 black pvc upper arm straps and buckles on his arms and silver pvc armlets. On his back is a melon-peach cape, fully lined in a smoky violet. He also comes with a sword and sheath, as well as white Rose depicting his Lancastrian allegiance. Christian Rosenkreuz is made using the Obitsu 60cm/24" body & male chest, and Volks DD Custom Hair Head, with handpainted iridescent eyes! He comes with a black metal base/stand and magnetic feet!

Price: $575.00


***Cecily of York doll; Rebecca of York doll and Sir Robin Bakura doll NOT included but available for additional cost.***

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