60 cm "Glass Eyed" Dollfie Obitsu Vinyl/PVC BJD Dolls -
Fan Characters/Original Characters

This lovely size and type of BJD doll can be customized however you'd like!!

The doll includes almost any "casual" type outfit you'd like! (*Your choice of outfit and design!) The outfit you want for us to make for your doll will include shoes.

You can choose a wig from many styles/colors* and acrylic "glass" eyes in almost any color you'd like as well!!

The doll will include a fully detailed and sealed faceup and the original doll's box.

You can choose from any of 6 different face mold styles we offer for this price, and you can choose a male or female, which will come blushed and sealed, 60cm size vinyl/pvc Obitsu BJD body.


$355 Female Doll

$375 Male Doll


For sample of our work please view:

Chalyss 60cm Fan Chara BJD Doll
Lelinas Metallia 60cm Fan Chara BJD Doll

*****Doll designs/outfits shown on link are SAMPLES ONLY of our work and are not available for commission. Your doll will be made from your own design/character and will be one of a kind.*****

*Basic/casual outfit, acrylic eyes, and wig included in price. If you want more elaborate type of clothing (as shown in the links above) or custom made wig or real glass eyes, the price will be higher---please inquire for details.

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