Serena & Darien's Wedding Party 11" BanDai Dolls

These beautiful dolls are gorgeous, handmade, custom dolls that come "in a clear and color backdrop box" and are from BanDai Japan. This is the perfect way to recreate Sailor Moon's wedding! Collect all your favorite characters in their beautiful bridesmaid/usher/flower girl attire!

***ALL dolls below ALSO available in VOLKS or IRWIN America or IRWIN Canada style. Please inquire for details****


Please click on the doll(s) below you'd like to view/purchase:

Wedding Serena/Usagi

Groom Darien/Mamoru

Flower Girl Rini/ChibiUsa

2nd Flower Girl RiRi/ChibiChibi

Bridesmaid Amy/Ami

Bridesmaid Rei

Bridesmaid Lita/Makoto

Bridesmaid Mina/Minako

Bridesmaid Amaralexis/Haruka

Usher Sayer/Seiya

Bridesmaid Michelle/Michiru

Usher Robin/Yaten

Bridesmaid Susan/Setsuna

Usher Terry/Taiki

Bridesmaid Tara/Hotaru



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