Shadowcat with Lockheed 16" Tonner Doll

The member of the X-Men who can phase through objects and true love of Colossus!! She's super detailed and wears her removable blue and yellow uniform! She also comes with her inseparable friend, Lockheed! He's custom handmade and sits upon her arm looking slightly curious and mischievous! Comes in box with deluxe stand. (Stand included is NOT the "x" logo but a regular clear or black Tonner deluxe stand) A beautiful doll.


$205.00 with Lockheed

$185.00 without Lockheed

Shadowcat Vers 2 16" Tonner Doll
also available


$155.00 with Lockheed

$135.00 without Lockheed

If you are interested in acquiring the other X-Men 16" Tonner style dolls shown below or even ones not shown, please contact for pricing.



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