SeraMyu Sailor Uranus

SeraMyu Style Sailor Uranus

Adult Regular Sizes Costume

$210.00 with boots

$180.00 without boots

Child's Age 7-12 Costume

$200.00 with boots

$170.00 without boots

Small Child's Age 0-6 Costume

$190.00 with boots

$160.00 without boots



Navy Blue or Yellow (your choice) pleated and shirred skirt with stand up collar Sailor Uniform with gold or green (your choice) lame' front bow, a golden yellow or green (your choice) pleated and shirred underskirt, completely trimmed in gold metallic trim and beads, gold metallic dual trim on collar

White bodice of stretchy shimmery lycra, with 6 dual rows of vertical gold metallic trim all around, with waist belt tufted and Roman-style criss crossed with golden beads

Navy Blue or Gold (your choice) back "half" bow trimmed in gold

Tufted navy blue or yellow (your choice) shiny sleeves with golden metallic trim in each tuft, and colored beads handsewn in

Metallic and Gold Navy Blue or Yellow (your choice) sculpted "brooch" with gold trim all around.

*Navy blue or Yellow (your choice) shiny ankle boots with 3 straps on each.

Pair of faux jewel star earrings-clip on or pierced (CHILDREN'S COSTUMES DO NOT INCLUDE EARRINGS)

Golden "tiara" with large round dark blue or gold (your choice) faux star jewel in center

Navy Blue or yellow (your choice) wide choker with golden trim, and a round decorative button in center

White/Navy Blue or yellow metallic gauntlet (your choice) white lycra wrist gloves, tufted, with gold metallic trim in between each tuft.


*Only if ordering complete costume with boots

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