Super Sailor Saturn

So cute!!!! Super nice pose!!!! What a perfect Super Saturn cosplayer!!! So lovely!! Thanks for sharing!!! :hug:

So pretty!!!! What a terrific shot!! Looks like a trading card!! Amazing!!!Absolutely breathtaking!!!! Just like a resin model!! Incredible pose!!Really beautiful! The perfect Saturn!!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful group shot, Stefani-san!
(Group photo, only Super Saturn costume was created by SetsunaKou & HarukaKou)


So beautiful!!! What a lovely pair of Saturns!!! ^^

Last 5 photos courtesy of Stefani V.-san. Final photo courtesy of David L-san and Stefani V-san.Thank you so much!!!

Last 4 photos courtesy of Stefani V. san! Doumo arigatou!!

Super Sailor Saturn Costume from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Adult Regular Sizes Costume

$165.00 with boots

$130.00 without boots

Child's Age 7-12 Costume

$155.00 with boots

$120.00 without boots

Small Child's Age 0-6 Costume

$145.00 with boots

$110.00 without boots



Indigo(bluish-violet)/White Sailor Uniform, with padded upper chest bodice, with chiffon/organza lavender sleeves and with deep maroon bows--fully lined, long back bow and with purple "heart brooch".

*Indigo knee-high boots with metal eyelets and white shoelaces---Your choice of 'real' laceup with tongue boots or faux lace up boots (see boots pictures above for details)

Golden "tiara" with faux oval crystal jewel in center

Indigo choker with golden star in center

White/indigo elbow length gloves

Silver saturn planet dangling earrings with diamond shapes hanging-clip on or pierced (CHILDREN'S COSTUMES DO NOT INCLUDE EARRINGS)


*Only if ordering complete costume with boots included


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