Super Sailor Pluto

Super Sailor Pluto Costume from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Adult Regular Sizes Costume

$150.00 with boots

$130.00 without boots

Child's Age 7-12 Costume

$140.00 with boots

$120.00 without boots

Small Child's Age 0-6 Costume

$130.00 with boots

$110.00 without boots



Deep purple and white Sailor Uniform, padded upper chest bodice, with chiffon/organza illusion sleeves attached, with black front bow, long black back bow, skirt of dark purple, collar trimmed in white. (Black uniform with fuschia bows also available)

Dark purple knee-high boots with white trim (black boots avail.)

Fuschia arrowhead earrings-clip on or pierced. (CHILDREN'S COSTUMES DO NOT INCLUDE EARRINGS)

Golden molded vinyl (hard) "tiara" with fuschia/purple faux oval jewel in center.

Deep purple choker with golden star in center. (Black avail.)

White/deep purple elbow-length gloves (black/white avail.)


*Only if ordering complete costume with boots


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