Original Sailor Moon Costume



Your choice of 1st Series or R series Brooch:

Such a wonderful Sailor Moon!!! WOW!! They're so cute!! What a great cosplay duo!! Wow! Isn't this incredible?! It looks like a bromide card! Beautiful Sailor Moon cosplayer!!!! What a great shot! She's a terrific Sailor Moon!!!!

Last 6 photos courtesy of Myra R. san, Ashley P. san, and Natasha H. san!! Doumo arigatou!!!!!

Sailor Moon Original Costume


Adult Regular Sizes Costume

$140.00 with boots

$120.00 without boots

Child's Age 7-12 Costume

$130.00 with boots

$110.00 without boots

Small Child's Age 0-6 Costume

$120.00 with boots

$100.00 without boots


Costume includes:

Blue, fuschia and white Sailor uniform, with padded upper chest bodice, pleated skirt, dual white trimmed sailor collar

Golden "brooch" attached (Choice of 1st or R season)

White stretchy elbow length gloves, trimmed in padded fuschia gauntlets

Fuschia satin choker with crescent moon in center

Golden "tiara" with red oval faux jewel in center

Pair of red/white "meatballs" for hair

Pair of Moon dangling earrings, clip or pierced

*Fuschia knee high boots, trimmed in white, brand new (Boots are same color as bows and glove tops)

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Original Sailor Moon Child's Costume


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