PGSM Princess Sailor Moon



PGSM Princess Sailor Moon Costume

Regular Adult Sizes Costume:

$275.00 with boots

$245.00 without boots

Child's Age 7-12 Costume

$265.00 with boots

$235.00 without boots

Small Child's Age 0-6 Costume

$255.00 with boots

$225.00 without boots



Princess Sailor Moon royal blue indigo satin, with sailor collar with 3 rows of yellow trim, matching crepe backed satin overskirt, with 3 under layered skirts of sheer white chiffon completely edged in organza EMBROIDERED with lace trim around hems, and white matte lycra uniform, with a chest armor plate, padded! The costume has a pink front bow, fully lined, with a removable silver sculpted heart brooch and golden and pink faux jewel in center. On the back is a removable sheer white chiffon huge back bow, with dual bows and embroidered trim all around it! The dual tiered sleeves are sheer white chiffon, edged with embroidered organza trim!! Around the tufted waist belt are large white pearlescent beads! This costume looks EXACTLY like Princess Sailor Moon's from the live action series!!   (Embroidery may vary)

Pair of matte white lycra gloves

  Pair of white satin, tufted and lined gauntlets with 2 rows of pearlescent faux pearls all around  

Fuschia fully lined choker with pearlescent faux pearls all around and a dangling golden moon in center  

Pair of golden faux jewel moon dangling earrings. Clip on or pierced -- your choice

Golden bead "tiara" with faux oval red jewel in center  

Pair of fuschia "meatballs" for hair, with pearlescent bead trim all around each  

White craft foam and golden decor with pink faux jewel in center "tiara" crown on white and silvery shimmery band

*White knee high boots with pink vinyl/pvc tops and golden crescent moons in center. High clear heels. (style may vary)


*Only if ordering the complete costume ensemble
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