Small Lady Princess Serenity

Small Lady PrinceSS Serenity (Rini)

Regular Adult Sizes Costume:

$195.00 with shoes

$185.00 without shoes

Child's Age 7-12 Costume

$185.00 with shoes

$175.00 without shoes

Small Child's Age 0-6 Costume

$175.00 with shoes

$165.00 without shoes



 White satin and chiffon gown with double layered gathered full skirts (HUGE!!), trimmed in gold circular sequins at bust, puffed, tufted and swirled sleeves trimmed with lace!!

Pearl or silver large beads around empire waist

Lavender HUGE back bow, trailing to floor

Red rose bud, satin, longstemmed

Pair of earrings, pierced or clip (CHILDREN'S COSTUME DOES NOT INCLUDE EARRINGS)

Gold bead bracelet

*White or gold pumps


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