Human Artemis

Please note: In the photos below the costume does not fit "HarukaKou" properly as it was made for a 6' 7" male cosplayer and she is only 5' 4" in height. So please keep in mind as you view these pictures that the costume is VERY LARGE and baggy on her--not fitting her correctly at all. Yours will be MADE to your size/specifications and so will fit you exactly. Thanks!



Human Artemis

Regular Adult Sizes:

$175.00 with shoes

$165.00 without shoes



White turtleneck with clear tummy & chest sections with straps and buckles top/shirt

White pants

Golden crescent moon pendant necklace

Earrings - clip or pierced

*White shoes with golden crescent moon on each

(Only if ordering complete costume with shoes included)


Human Artemis 4.5' White wig available (not shown) for additional $75.00


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