Mera Bombshells Option B


Last 10 photos courtesy of Crissy T! What a perfect Mera you are!!!!!

Mera Bombshells Option B

Regular Adult Sizes:

$325.00 with sandals


Metallic green 'mermaid' scaled midriff blouse with cap sleeves, plunging neckline and white sailor collar with green trim

White bellbottomed high rise pants with 6 golden buttons and metallic green 'mermaid' tuxedo trim

Golden belt with golden 'shell' buckle in center

White sailor hat with 'M' on front brim

Golden armlets with fancy filigree (2)

Goldtone 'anchor' long necklace

Metallic green 'mermaid' scales trimmed dark green platform wedge sandals with 'bow' anklets and golden shells on each

Golden 6.5' 'trident' accessory (comes in 2 pcs)


*Only if ordering the complete costume with sandals

Bright red layered/wavy/curly (your choice) high quality styled wig just like Mera's available for additional $30.00