Queen Elsa Coronation Gown

(Anna Coronation Costume sold separately.)


QueenElsa Coronation Gown

$275.00 with shoes

$260.00 without shoes



Teal blue sweetheart neckline bodice with gold/copper trim and fancy pattern on front (not embroidered)

Teal blue long skirt with rosemaling pattern all around (not embroidered)

Black milliskin long sleeved blouse with blue and mulberry drops pattern at chest

Removable mulberry purple royal cape with her EXACT Arendelle Symbol pattern and rosemaling all around the edging, for a truly breathtaking effect! With removable blue/gold faux brooch. Train is approx 4-5 feet in length!

Pale Sky blue aqual fitted gloves with rosemaling pattern around edges (1 pr)

Aqua Teal tights

Metal Golden Arendelle crown with faux blue gem in center

White small hoopskirt petticoat

*Black low heeled shoes with gold trim and floral pattern at tops


Pale White/Blonde updo chignon wig available for additional $40.00



Metal Small Tiara crown available separately $20.00


Arendelle Sceptre & Orb Accessories available for additional $60.00


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