Princess Anna Summer Dress



(Elsa Summer Gown Sold Separately)

Princess Anna Summer Dress

$195.00 with shoes

$170.00 without shoes



Pale Yellow Short Sleeved Zip UP blouse with Dark Maize Trim

Navy Blue Velvet/Minky Corset with Embroidered Floral pattern at chest and trimmed in gold at top and bottom

Sage/Olive green Casa Satin vest with Rosemaling Pattern and Sunflower/Bee pattern on back

Gradient Aqua to Teal Casa Satin Full Skirt with Sunflower pattern along bottom hem

Pale green tulle 4 layered petticoat

Palest green Pantyhose/tights

Sunflower/Snowflake Resin Bracelet

Sunflower with Indigo center Golden Brooch (resin)

Silk Sunflower Hair Comb with Streamer Ribbons

*Black flat Shoes with embroidered Applique Floral Designs on fronts


Orange Caramel/Rust wig in updo with braid available for additional $45.00



Anna Silk Sunflower Hair Comb available for additional $12.00



Anna Resin Deluxe Sunflower Hair Comb available for additional $15.00



Anna Birthday bracelet available for additional $17.00



Anna Resin Sunflower Brooch Pin available for additional $5.00


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