Toshiya from Dir-En-Grey

Toshiya from Dir-En-Grey



Toshiya from Dir-En-Grey Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$525.00 with boots

$490.00 without boots


Navy blue short kimono with royal blue collar/trim, fully lined, with long draping sleeves. Left sleeve is black tulle from shoulder to above elbow, then from elbow to wrist is a long, triangular shaped draping sleeve, fully lined, of dark blue. All along the tulle and sleeve are pewter, navy blue, cyan and black straps, criss crossing, draping, over and under, across and down. Finally draping from the draping sleeves are dark blue, navy and black organza strips, fully hemmed, dangling down to ankles. Right sleeve is the same, except the black tulle is not on this side.

Black vinyl/pleather choker with silver metal "prongs" all around.

Dark navy blue gloves with cuffs

Pewter sash/obi, very thick/wide, with metal circle in center front, from which 6 pewter straps with metal buckles come out of and buckle in front to create design like a sunburst. Dangling from this is a large triangular shaped draping navy blue, fully lined frontpiece. On this is an array of pewter, cyan, navy blue and black straps, criss crossing, draping, over and under across the entire triangular shape and shirred to create "folded" effect vertically. On back of obi, is a HUGE pewter bow, with draping ribbons, completed covered in black tulle and shirred in the middle.

Cerulean and black horizontally striped lycra tights (feet attached)

*Black vinyl/pleather ankle boots, very clunky and wide, with many metal buckles, straps, laces and "screws" in sides


*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots

Black, blue and cerulean twisted locks wig available for additional $95.00