Die from Dir-En-Grey

Die from Dir-En-Grey



Die from Dir-En-Grey Costume

Adult regular sizes

$495.00 with boots

$470.00 without boots



Black pleather/vinyl zippered short body suit with metal zipper up front, dark grey faux fur large tufted collar, short sleeves, and long black organza sleeves underneath, with black straps up and down sleeves, with dark silver elbow armor on left elbow, with silver shoulder armor, round and tufted on right upper shoulder, and silver rectangular armor on right elbow with silver strap coming out of it and secured to arm with silver strap/band. A large rectangular outside pocket is on each side of shorts, working and with silver trim.

Black vinyl/pleather belt

Black fingerless gloves, with silver padded armor at each knuckle and back of hand, with silver tufted rectangle at wrist

Silver tufted in many squares wide belt

Black vinyl/pleather wide belt with over 100 faux crystal square jewels all over and draping chains from front center to right side of belt

White lycra tight pants

Silver and black "goggles" for hair accessory with designs

*Black over the knee pleather/vinyl boots with huge puffed knee armor, with black straps/belts around the boot from top to bottom, with open backs but still strapped around, with silver decor on foot


*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots

Red spiked wig available for additional $55.00