Amy Lee from Evanescence


Latter photos courtesy of the lovely Diana Kou! Doumo arigatou!!

Amy Lee Costume From Evanescence

Adult Regular Sizes:

$210.00 with boots

$185.00 without boots

Maroon/burgundy top, boned and fitted, with 5 horizontal pleather black straps and buckles across front, raggedy layer at top hemline, 2 black pleather vertical shoulder straps with buckles on left side

Maroon raggedy topped upper arm bands, with black pleather straps, and red crimson sheer drapings all around

Black pleather choker with silver studs, red/crimson sheer drapings down front, black pleather draping down right side an maroon raggedy edged top

Dark grey/charcoal tight pants

*Black knee high lace up boots (not shown)


*Only if ordering complete costume with boots


Black high ponytail long wig available for additional $85.00 US dollars


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