Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5

Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5


Chris Redfield Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$425.00 with boots

$400.00 without boots



Charcoal pleather shirt with silver and black mesh piped short sleeves, with logos on each; black 'square textured' panels on each side; black straps and buckles in back; metal tooth zipper down front collar

Silver padded shoulder/back armor with black, silver and grey panels in back with black straps; metal buckles and parachute buckles; knife holster; black straps and buckle in front chest and green/silver/black microphone piece at left chest

Black pleather belt with giant parachute buckle; dangling silver/blue sphere; double clip pouches; several open and closable pouches on each side; large hip pouch in back with parachute buckles and straps connecting it to shoulder armor

Grey with built in pouch pants

Black and grey striped hip straps with metal buckles (2) and gun holster attached

Knee pads/armor on black pleather with black straps and parachute buckles and d-rings attaching it

Two toned black pleather fingerless gloves

Black earphone piece

Custom cosplay knife (wooden)

*Silver, grey and black shoes with laces


*Only if ordering complete costume ensemble with shoes


2 cosplay "gun/pistols" available for additional $50.00



Chris Redfield Wig available for additional $40.00


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