Leo Costume

Thanks to Rico-san for the great photos!!!!

Leo Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$495.00 with boots

$475.00 without boots


Cream/Ivory satin jacket with brown trim all around, fully lined with brown fur and brown high cuffs trimmed in gold, rolled over, with puffed gold edging and gold detailed leaf design sewn on, matching brown and gold leaf collar, with wrist bands trimmed in gold attached to brown fur

Brown belt with large buckle

Cream/Ivory gloves

White satin neck scarf

Red draping full length cape

Royal blue sash

Cream/Ivory pants

Silver and gold knee armor, padded and quilted

Brown quilted leggings

Cosplay sword with sheath, attached to belt

Ears on headband, fully lined

Golden horned "cat" mask

*Cream/Ivory boots with gold decor and trim all over



Pale blue shoulder length wavy wig available for additional $50.00

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