Zidane Tribal


Zidane Tribal from Final Fantasy IX Costume


Regular Adult Sizes:

$225.00 with boots

$205.00 without boots



Dark Teal mid riff vest with front zipper

Teal pants with preattached furry tan/taupe stuffed tail dangling out back

Teal and olive green wrist gloves, wide and large, with white lace trim, silver square "buttons"

Teal hair ribbon

Teal neck tie ribbon

White lace jabot for throat

White no sleeved shirt with high collar and metal eyelets and white laces

Brown vinyl sheath with gold sculpted part in front, with lavender sash to tie around

Tan vinyl belt with metal end and buckles, prestyled in his in and out style

Brown vinyl "armor" with gold/tan"x"s on sides and back, with metal buckle on right side

*Olive green and off white calf/ankle boots with ivory flap over cuffs

(*only if ordering complete costume ensemble)


Zidane's blonde shaggy ponytailed wig available for additional $45.00


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