Gun Mage Yuna Costume

Gun Mage Yuna

Gun Mage Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$215.00 with boots

$185.00 without boots


Purple spandex midriff bodice, white trimmed, with white circle and sunburst patterns on chest and tummy, slits on sides

Purple opera length gloves with interfaced upper arm tiers (2)

Purple interfaced tiers on platinum pleather cuffs (2)

Pastel pale blue shimmery hip sash, with handpainted patterns, 2 charcoal pleather straps at hip, with 4 gold buttons

Goldtone 'strips' necklace

Pastel pale blue long satin skirt, with overlay of purple skirt, with handpainted blue patterns on the blue, attached to charcoal pleather hip belt with white trim

Blue, purple, white, pink, yellow and gold long dangling earring, beaded, with blue tassel at end (pierced or clip--your choice)

*Purple knee boots with cuffs and platinum 'armor' toes and straps (Your choice of heel or flat)

(*only if ordering complete costume ensemble)


Yuna's wig flared wet look brown/auburn wig available with (or without--your choice) red textured long, woven hair attachment, with fading pink/white fabric piece and purple ribbon bowtie at bottom and brown/auburn hair lock coming out of bottom for additional cost (See below)

$95.00 With Hairtail

$50.00 Without Hairtail

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