Vincent Valentine AC/DoC Costume


Vincent Valentine Advent Children/Dirge of Cerberus Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$750.00 with boots

$650.00 without boots



Crimson Red full length 'shredded' cape (your choice of solid or 'torn') with mid over cape, with 6 sets of buckles and straps and super detailed hand sculpted ends on each side

Gold metallic plastic Claws and gold 'armored' armlet (in 3 pieces)

Black plain glove for left arm (1)

Black detailed glove with 3 straps and metal buckles for right arm/hand (1)

Crimson red bandanna

Black pleather pants with 3 black pleather straps, and buckles on right thigh

Black pleather long sleeved with cuffs, inner shirt/jacket with silver buttons and strap detailing

2 black pleather belts with buckle and handsculpted detailed belt ends, 1 black 'gun' holster piped and lined pouch on strap with buttons and detailing/straps

* Black boots with cuffs and gold plastic armor all around and gold strap ankle guards


*Only if ordering complete costume

Black long layered spiky wig available for additional $60.00


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