Oerba dia Vanille


Oerba dia Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII

Regular Adult Sizes:

$350.00 with boots

$315.00 without boots


Salmon pink midriff lycra bodice with straps

Salmon pink lined hip sash

Orange and yellow shirred miniskirt (layered)

Pink wide hip belt with metal buckle, with brown fur back skirt cape and brown faux 'animal skin' like over skirt

Tan quilted and lined criss cross hip belt with a large diamond shaped gold and purple gem and silver 'armor plate' on side

Brown slender hip belt with tan suede and piped pouch on side with large metal buckle and dangling bead strings

3 beaded and trimmed hoop necklaces (just like Vanille's designs)

Many metal black, turquoise, silver and red bangle bracelets with one wider bangle bracelet(2 sets)

Blue hoop earrings (clip or pierced--your choice)

Fancy puka beaded black and white chest and ribcage straps with dangling multicolored beadstrings and attached via a 'pearlescent' tooth at chest and dangling dark pewter black 'teeth' in front, goes around the back in 2 layers with more puka bead straps and dangling bead strings, with black pleather plate in back center

Tan puffed hair ties (2)

*Butter yellow ankle boots with black bottoms and tan fur tops


*Only if ordering complete costume with boots


Oerba dia Vanille orangey wavy pigtail wig $55.00

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