Rygdea from Final Fantasy XIII

Regular Adult Sizes:

$895.00 with boots

$850.00 without boots


Charcoal pleather fitted bodice with grey textured front panels, grey textured vinyl ribcage armor with buttons and piping trim, blue vinyl straps and metal buckles, platinum quilted chest armor, with panels all throughout, giant blue 'gem' studs and black long sleeves---ultra detailed

Platinum pleather armlets with 'holes' cut at tops, silver trim at cuffs, and elbow armor (2)

Black and platinum pleather 'armored' wrist gloves with 't-shape' on tops (2)

Platinum pleather padded, shaped and fitted 'underwear' with black stripes and patterns, elastic crotch strap with white 'cylinder' plastic tie in back

Black tight pants

White and platinum pleather wrist gloves with silver panels and platinum pleather wrist straps (2)

Blue plastic moulded shoulder armor with blue pleather straps and buckles across front, blue pleather upper arm and piped straps on arms, pewter studs on sides, white pearlescent patterns handpainted on each side, over plastic straps and 't-shape' cut out on shoulders and high collar with silver giant metal eyelets on each side, all edged in blue piping

Dark green and rust brown padded and plastic hip armor with sculpted blue parts, black parts and highly detailed patterns with straps to attach to leggings

Dark blue vinyl with bright turquoise trim and white ribbon inside criss cross leggings (2)

*Charcoal, brown and black alternating pattern knee boots with silver pvc trim, cuffs, and silver plastic 'claw fangs' on knees and toes


*Only if ordering complete costume with boots


Rygdea's brown shaggy wig (not shown) $45.00

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