Songstress Rikku from FF X-2

3 Songstresses!!!!

Songstress Rikku!!!!

Songstress Rikku from FFX-2 Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$200.00 with boots

$180.00 without boots


Orange fading to yellow gradient dress jacket, fully lined, with white lined frills up and down front and collar, opens at waist, with purple trim around inside hem at "tail" of jacket; preattached indigo/purple/wine lined short "necktie"

Indigo and purple hip miniskirt, rolled pleats

White pleather hip belt with 3 silver hoops in center

Purple bandanna

Purple velvet thigh "crisscross" bands (2)

Orange fading to yellow gradient opera length gloves, with indigo feathers at tops

*Orange fading to yellow gradient knee high boots with indigo feathers at tops



*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots


Golden blonde high ponytail long wig with parted long bangs; dual braids in back, quadruple braids looped at top and sides with red and blue "beads" available for additional $85.00


Songstress Tall Microphone accessory not included but available for additional $45.00