Machina Maw Rikku from FF X-2

Machina Maw Rikku from FFX-2 Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:



Steel blue/periwinkle blue full bodysuit with quilted/padded chestplates, hip plates, knee plates, black designs all around and silver "plugs" at upper chest, black zip up front with black trimmed collar

Steel blue/periwinkle wrist gloves

Silver head piece with 5 silver "buttons"

Perwinkle blue head bandanna


Golden blonde high ponytail long wig with parted long bangs; dual braids in back, quadruple braids looped at top and sides with red and blue "beads" available for additional $85.00


*Gippal 2' UFO plush doll NOT included, but available for additional $120 US dollars. See our Plushie site for details on how to order.

* Machina Maw machine NOT included.