Nooj from Final Fantasy X-2

Wai! Tottemo kakkoii desu yo! The perfect Nooj!

Former photos courtesy of Rico D. Isn't he just incredibly perfect?! Thanks, Rico-sama!

Mevyn Nooj from FFX-2

Regular Adult Sizes:

$500.00 with boots

$480.00 without boots

Maroon bodysuit with vertical and horizontal lines and silver toothed front zipper (not shown)

Purple fingerless right glove

Purple left glove with "wires" and gems to simulate a mechanical hand

Red hair tie

Small oval "eyeglasses" (non prescription)

Red-orange vinyl shoulder and back armor with attached lavender long draping right sleeve with long white faux fur at shoulder. Attached to this are 6 red-orange and black vinyl straps with metal working buckles that go around back to front at proper angles

Silver armored leg and thigh for left leg to simulate metal mechanical leg--super detailed with all "buttons" and straps

Olive green, silver, cerulean vinyl and maroon left "mechanical" arm with lavender vinyl elbow/wrist armor and black tufting, quilting, silver buttons and black wiring to simulate metal mechanical arm

Silver PVC 3' cane with right-angled top

*Lavender and maroon ankle boots

*Only if purchasing the costume ensemble with boots included


4.5' long high ponytailed with 2 loops and long curled ends available for additional $95.00

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