Marle Costume

Kawaii desu!!! Such a cute Marle!!! Great cosplay!!!

Special thanks to Umi san for sharing her pictures!

Marle Costume from Chrono Trigger

Regular Adult Sizes:

$195.00 with sandals

$180.00 without sandals



White bodysuit, no sleeves, with puffed pants and maroon trim at top

Gold wide v-shaped with tufted edges belt, with long genuine chain hanging down center to back

Golden wide v-shaped choker with tufted edges

Golden beads necklace with large gold and maroon metallic pendant hanging down

Golden upper arm band with tufted edges

Golden hair band

*black and brown sandals with golden toe hoop for "big" toes and black straps around ankles


Orange ponytailed wig (not shown) available for additional $75.00

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