Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII

Regular Adult Sizes:

$695.00 with boots

$625.00 without boots


Ivory and taupe fitted and lined pleather jacket, with all pockets, straps, buttons, buckles, tall collar, edging, 3 frog tie clasps, preattached green/gold armor at back with magenta ribbed cape --- very exacting and detailed as in game

Black pleatherlike abdomen corset with black piping all around and tan leather laces

Brown pleatherette hip mini mini skirt, with piping all around, 2 metal tooth upside zippers

Dark sepia ribcage belt with special design and metal buckle

Tan brown wide belt with large buckle

Cocoa brown angled hip belt with attached 3 tiered 'pouch' with 3 thigh straps, zippers and large stud detailing (working)

Brown ribbed inner midriff sweater with high collar and metal tooth zipper in front

Golden green plastic and handsculpted 2 layered left shoulder 'armor' with straps and studs

Black pleather criss cross zigzag upper armband with studs

Black lycra left armlet (1)

Dark blue pleather fingerless gloves with golden 'bullet' casings on each and silver wrist bands (2)

*Darkest brown sepia gator vinyl boots with lighter brown/tan tongues and black fronts, silver straps and metal buckles--just like Lightnings!


*Only if ordering complete costume with boots


Lightning's pink/blonde/tan layered and wavy wig $45.00

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