Kuja from FF 9

Kuja! Kuja!


Last 6 photos courtesy of Mathias-san!! Doumo arigatou!!!!


Kuja from FF 9 Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$325.00 with boots

$295.00 without boots



Indigo midriff jacket, trimmed all in gold, with inner indigo collar plate with stiff stand up collar, trimmed in puffed gold, with silver armor across diagonally, and gold "leaves" lined and quilted hanging from inner collarplate. Sleeves are indigo, layered and with white flowing, draping satin long sleeves, underneath which are tight indigo sleeves, with gold tufted layered designs on each, trimmed with gold "leaves" lined and quilted hanging from cuffs

Flesh colored lycra bikini with indigo belt straps criss crossed in front, with gold "buckles" hanging from middle and sides

White satin flowing "skirt cape", trimmed in gold 3" from hems inside and out, fully lined

2 white feathers for hair on pin

*Thigh high boots, indigo, with many tufted circular "armor" up and down, from thigh to ankle, with "wings" on each ankle and "gold" buckles on each foot


*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots

Silvery grey long straight wig (not shown) available for additional $45.00