Hope Estheim


Hope Estheim from Final Fantasy XIII

Regular Adult Sizes:

$375.00 with boots

$300.00 without boots


Yellow and white midriff jacket, with metal tooth zipper, interfaced high collar, orange ribbed shoulder cape with black zipper teeth, gold buttons and taupe lining

Black inner sleeveless t-shirt

Aqua to pale aqua tie dyed and handpainted textured, patterned neck scarf

Dark Olive green denim calf pants with grey ribbed cuffs and silver snap button closure, cargo pockets at thighs

Black military belt with metal buckle and black draping straps in back, with blue pouch buttoned and strapped on left hip (working)

Yellow lycra wrist band strap (1)

White and dark blue pleather and lycra wrist gloves (2)

*Taupe and tan lace up boots, with black laces and mauve tan straps with buckles


*Only if ordering complete costume with boots


Hope's grey- blonde spikey wig (not shown) $55.00

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