Edgar Figaro from FF VI

Edgar Figaro from FF VI Costume

Adult regular sizes:

$350.00 with boots

$330.00 without boots



Black long sleeved shirt

Dark green tight pants

Metallic green, gold and blue triangle patterned wristbands with hand armor (2)

Blue and gold tufted vinyl shoulder and chest "armor" plates

Green belt with gold "buckle" with patterns in center and white draping tiers at each side over hips

Full length cerulean blue cape with wide green trim all around, with high collar attached with metallic green, gold and blue triangle pattern (matching the wrist armor pattern)

Large green hair bows (2)

Gold handled cosplay sword with sheath (attached to belt)

*White knee high boots with gold and green metallic "armor" at tops, over each front and with green trim around bottoms


*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots

Bright yellow long ponytailed wig (shown below) available for additional $55.00