Cid from Final Fantasy XIII

Regular Adult Sizes:

$895.00 with boots

$850.00 without boots


White and grey pleather fully lined inner robe jacket with orange inner pleather panel, silver trim all around, vertical grey panels and silver trim throughout, attached white pleather vest, grey suede cuffs with silver trim and grey suede sleeve piping---ultra detailed

White pleather interfaced collar--1 side stands up and 1 side folds over, edged in silver, with black vinyl straps and buckles attaching it criss cross belt below; silvertone metal 'brooch' with dangling parts on upper left chest

White cape with dark blue tiered over cape, with attached plastic moulded shoulder armor (2), with turquoise blue edging and silver trim, and silver large buttons and detail

Black pants

White and platinum pleather wrist gloves with silver panels and platinum pleather wrist straps (2)

Black pleather ultra criss cross and studded wrap around hip belt and giant metal buckle, attached to slender pleather hip belt, with metal eyelets all around front --- very detailed!

Charcoal pleather fully lined skirt with palest grey and tufted silver front 'wing' panels, and silver tufted edging horizontal panels inside and outside the bottom of the skirt, with attached front panel with charcoal, light grey and silver criss cross pattern---very, very detailed!

*White knee boots with black bottoms, and periwinikle blue straps with buckles


*Only if ordering complete costume with boots


Cid's black wig (not shown) $45.00

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