(Please note that this costume was one of the very first we made, over 7-8 years ago. The costume when you order it, will look MUCH different---better quality and with different materials used. Thank you for your interest.)



Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX Costume

Adult Regular Sizes:

$255.00 with boots

$225.00 without boots



White or silver (your choice) calf length duster/jacket, fully lined in maroon, with dark pink bas-relief rose embedded in back; slit in back, with silver clasp tie at mid front and maroon wide lapels

Black wide hip belt with golden embossed "buckles" and swirled gold tufted decor all around side

Sword and sheath with white ribbon trim

Melon-orange tight pants

Silver tufted wristbands, with right armor for elbow and upper arm, very detailed with trimming and decor

White fingerless gloves with gold trim and "armor" on top of each hand

White or silver wide bandanna (your choice)

*Silver ankle boots with armor on tops and with white cuffs and melon-orange decor

(*only if ordering complete costume ensemble)


Beatrix's light brown curled outward at the bottoms wig (not shown) available for additional $50.00


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