Amarant Coral Costume

Amarant Coral Rico san as Amarant Coral So cool!!!!

Doumo arigatou for the photo Rico san!!!!!!


Amarant Coral Costume

Costume is a PINE green, not grey as shown in photos. Your costume will be a deep pine green.

Adult Regular Sizes:

$265.00 with boots

$245.00 without boots


Pale blue stuffed muscled bodysuit with hands shirt

Brown large belts for upper arms

Pine Green wristbands with 3 straps on each

Pine Green shirt with silver stuffed designs on front

Pine Green pants

Brown belt with dangling front panel, trimmed in silver and decor

*Red-brown boots


Red (not purple as shown, the wig will be fire engine red) Foamie wig available for additional $85.00



Clawed glove available for additional $20.00

(see picture below for details)


*Only if ordering complete costume

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