Aeris Gainsborough from FF VII

Last photo courtesy of Anna-san! Doumo arigatou!

Aeris Gainsborough from FF VII Costume


Adult regular sizes:

$210.00 with boots


$190.00 without boots



Mauve fully lined in maroon button up the front dress with tie-up spaghetti straps

"Black" ribbon necklace

Mauve large hair ribbon to tie into a bow

Pink slender hair ribbon for end of braid

Silver tufted puffed wrist bracelets (2)

Maroon/burgundy midriff jacket with pockets in front, short puffed sleeves and silver tufted with buttons sleeve ends.

Silver PVC 4.5' Staff with faux jewels and puffed sections

*Brown ankle boots with straps


*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots

Medium Brown long twisted wig (shown below) available for additional $75.00


Aeris "Materia" orb for hair available for additional $10.00