Custom Combination Furry Chara/Sailor Chara Fan Character Costumes

*Please note: Actual costume design above is NOT available for commission. Photos shown are only examples of fan chara costumes you can create and commission us to make into a costume for you. ^^

Combination Furry/Sailor Costumes

Regular Adult Sizes Costume:

$155.00 with boots

$135.00 without boots



Your choice of any color skirt/collar and white bodice Sailor uniform, with any color/type sleeves and/or bows. Brooch can be many different designs---regular spherical, heart, star or your own design.

Coordinating color choker

Golden tiara with coordinating faux jewel in center OR bandanna

Furry animal paw gloves (with or without claws) ANY COLOR

*Furry paw feet/boots (with or without claws) ANY COLOR

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