Bara no Hanayome ROSE BRIDE-Tenjou Utena Costume

Pale Pink Version:

White Version:


Rose Bride Tenjou Utena Anime Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

Pink Version $215.00 with shoes

Pink Version $205.00 without shoes

White Version $215.00 with shoes

White Version $205.00 without shoes



Palest pink or white (your choice) full length skirt with pleats in front

Sky blue pleated miniskirt with slit in front

White tulle full length petticoat

Palest pink (or white) jacket with gold rope and decor, sky blue tassels with gold ball epaulettes, black buttons, and black trim all around.

Golden plastic "tiara" crown for head

White teardrop earrings, pierced

Palest pink (or white) wide interfaced cuffs, with black buttons and black trim

Pale pink (or white) satin rose accessory

*Palest pink (white) high heeled shoes

*Only if purchasing the costume ensemble with shoes included


Medium Pink or Light Pink (Your choice)30" wig available for additional $45.00 US dollars


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