Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie Miki

Wow!! Terrific cosplayer!! Just like Miki!!

First photo courtesy of Miki-san. Doumo arigatou!!!

Miki from Revolutionary Girl Utena the Movie

Regular Adult Sizes:

$185.00 with shoes

$165.00 without shoes

Please keep in mind and sorry that our own HarukaKou is modelling the costume, though it was made for a larger men's size. That's why it looks "baggy" and not "right". Please view the first 2 top photos to see it how it will look fitted properly^_^.

Blue fully lined Jacket, lined trimmed in dark red satin and gold, with "golden" & black arrows on each arm

Gold "Bar"shoulders, with golden buttons in each

white pants

blue satin rose

*Black shoes with blue trim and tongues


*Only if purchasing the costume ensemble with shoes included


Blue or dark blue (your choice) short wig (not shown) available for additional $35.00

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