Lime from Saber Marionettes J Costume

Latter photo courtesy of Merry-chan! Doesn't she look wonderful? Doumo arigatou Merry!

Lime Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$315.00 with shoes

$215.00 without shoes

White satin off the shoulder Lime blouse with yellow wide trim all around, long draping sleeves lined with teal fabric on the inside, with a huge red and gold "brooch" in the center

Red wide belt with gold "decor" on front and sides

Black shiny leotard with silver trim around crotch and leg openings

Black shiny tight shorts

Yellow head wrap with attached HUGE red ball on side

Black socks

Pair of fingerless gloves, white, red and gold designed

*Yellow HUGE sneaker shoes with white tops and red trim. These are SPECIALLY made Lime shoes, with two black BLOCKS of wood on each bottom, just like hers! And a red large ball attached to each shoe in the back.

*Only if purchasing the costume ensemble with shoes included


Dark blue long ponytailed wig available for additional $50.00

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