Urd Version 2


Modest Version:


Latter 6 photos courtesy of Damaris-san!! Doumo arigatou!!!!

Urd Version 2 from Oh! My Goddess Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$215.00 with boots

$195.00 without boots

Modest Version $215.00 with boots

Modest Version $195.00 without boots


Purple violet fully lined in black velvet dress, with slit up left side leg, velvet black off the shoulder fully lined and interfaced collar with gold zigzag trim and gold edging; with fleshtone lycra front, edged all around in gold trim that zigzags at top and has 2 faux crystal large dangling jewels at front lower center

Black cape with wine/plum lining

Purple violet opera length gloves with black velvet fully lined and interfaced stiff gauntlets, trimmed in gold, with gold zig zag trim all around

2 goldtone bracelets

Blue triangular headpiece vinyl stickers

Black choker with dual "v" shape in front center, lined, and edged in gold trim

*Purple violet ankle boots with black cuffs, fully lined, slit down fronts


*Only if ordering complete costume with boots included


White 4 foot long straight wig available for additional $85.00


White 30" long straight wig available for additional $40.00

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