Shinji Plugsuit




Shinji Plugsuit from Evangelion

Regular Adult Sizes:

$425.00 with shoes

$415.00 without shoes



Royal blue (Costume appears "purple" in photos above, but it's much much bluer than shown) full spandex/lycra bodysuit with sewn in designs/tufts/curves at knees, elbows, wrists, chest, collar, etc.

Silvery tufted chest "armor" plating, trimmed in black all around every design, extra tufted in 2 fronts, silver "plugs", black parts at hips/thighs/back, sleeves, etc. Silvery tufted armor/plugs on sleeves.

Royal blue gloves with puffed wrists, designs on each

Headband with 2 silvery bumps on each side, trimmed in black

Black shoes, designed to look just like Shinji's with royal blue invisible straps holding them on

Silvery "backpack" with "01" in black, black trimming all around, straps around shoulders with the bottom ends tufted and coming out around front waist, with "invisible" royal blue strap holding it on front


Dark brown short wig available for additional $35.00


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